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Kodaikanal Travel Guide

Kodaikanal is the most exquisite and popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is placed in the notable Palani Hills in Western Ghats and is acknowledged as the Princess of hill stations. Kodaikanal is located about 7,200 feet from the sea level.

Kodaikanal is the most sought after honeymoon culture holiday destination in South India because of its beautiful beauty and Kodaikanal grants any nature lover bewitched by its charms. The word Kodaikanal implies gift of the forest in local language. The thick forest with many forms of trees, the huge rocks in the wilderness and the captivating waterfalls survives a real gift for the holidaymakers exploring this tourist destination. Kodaikanal is noted for eucalyptus oil, homemade chocolates, plums and pears. Kodaikanal is renowned for the kurinji - flowers, which blooms only once in twelve years. Woolen adorning is uncommitted at cheaper rates in the Tibetan expatriate bazaar.

There are numerous internationally famed educational institutions like Kodaikanal international school, Kodaikanal Christian College etc. in and approximately Kodaikanal. Mother Theresa University, which is India’s one and only women’s university, is situated in Kodaikanal. A tourist can gratify in various activities - one can go for cycling, horse riding, boating, trekking and many more adventuresome activities. Kodaikanal is determined with Christian culture and the carvings in the churches of Kodaikanal deserve a visit. All types of food and neat hotels in all price ranges are available in Kodaikanal for a comfortable stay.

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