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When to Go

Kochi, being a coastal area, has a dry and humid weather during summers in March to May with maximum temperature reaches to nearly 38°C. June to September is Monsoon season with heavy rains and December-February is winters with pleasant climate of temperature between 17°C to 30°C.

Onam, the famous festival of Kerala, is in the Malayalam Shravan Month (15th August to 15th September) and the celebrations are very attractive. Cochin Carnival, a merry making festival to welcome New Year, is held annually in the last week of the year at Fort Kochi and is very attractive to the tourists. Tourism fair is held during December every year which is spectacular show of cultural activities.

Moderate climate and many festivals around October to March makes the best season to visit here. Avoid travel during rainy days; water clogging and traffic disruptions are common.

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