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Kochi Travel Guide

Kochi used to be cognized as Cochin. This large city is in the Kerala state. It is at times concerned to as “God's Country”, the Queen of Arabian Sea and the entrance to the state of Kerala. With so many catch articulates affiliated with this one city, it is easy to see how prestigious this place has been all around the centuries.

All around history, the Arabs, the Chinese, the British, the Dutch, and the Portuguese have all allowed for marks. In fact, Kochi is almost one big cultural melting pot because of the several migrations that have happened here over several millennia. This city of Kochi was considered as the first European colonial settlement in all of India. Over the years, Cochin has come up as the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala and it can be constituted as the second most significant city on the Indian west coast. It is only surmounted in grandness by Bombay. Today, Kochi has world class airport as well as an international port.

This attractive city has the Western Ghats to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west. It is also situated near the equator. These three components all together help to build Kochi an outstanding place to make culture holidays.

Although Kochi itself is strictly speaking a small town, the area now corresponds large metropolises that have many towns that have merged into one. Kochi now also includes Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Ernakulum and many others nearby towns and villages.

Kochi was the first city of India to join the Indian Union when it earned independence in 1947.

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