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Deobandh Temple Travel

Deobandh, a famous temple on the banks of an enthralling river basin and boarded on three sides by the river, is situated in a small village at the woody interiors of Sahyadri range and is adjacent to the Wild Camp at Kherwadi, Khodala. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is placed at the bottom of a valley.

Deobandh commands the splendid view of the surrounding mountains; this popular spot is crowded with devotees on special festivals dedicated to lord Ganesh. Ganesh Ulsav or Vinayaka Chadurthi is celebrated here with great splendor. The serene atmosphere of the temple put the devotee with a great sense of peace. Deobandh waterfalls add glamour to glorious ambiance of this holy spot. This enchanting temple is also a fabulous picnic spot to visit.

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