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Viswanath Temple Travel

One among the western group temples, the magnificent Vishvanath Temple situates on north-eastern corner of the Western Group complex. This temple, which is dedicated to lord Shiva, has an exquisite marble Shivalinga as the main deity. The temple measures about 27.4 m x 13.7 m and only two subsidiary shrines of the original four remain.

Besides the main deity, an imposing image of Lord Brahma also is enshrined in this temple. With lions adjoining the northern and elephants the southern steps, this image looks impressive.

The profusely carved exteriors, which depict gorgeous apsara images along with the magnificently whittled women sculptures of the interiors, add enormous charm to the beauty of the temple. The massive 6 ft high Nandi bull sits on top of a wide platform with a sphinx-like expression, present a dynamic appearance with its elegant pyramidal roofs.

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