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Lakshmana Temple Travel

A well-Preserved Stone Temple of Khajuraho, the famous Lakshmana Temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu. The east-facing temple is carved with the images of more than 600 gods and goddesses of the Hindu mythology.

The delicately carved outer wall is only a beginning, every nook and corner of this marvelous shrine is inscribed with splendid sculptures. The platform of the temple has an appealing sculptural fresco of elephants and horsemen in pageant. On the southern side are a few explicitly erotic panels. Each corner of this stone temple is having a border fence and an ancillary shrine.

The most scrumptious part of this temple scheme is the bands of sculptural embellishment with delicate figures of apsaras, the guardians of the directions and other divine creatures. Erotic panels take a central position on the two balconies of the stone temple. On the western side are a few outstanding sculptures and the full figured, buxom, sybaritic forms of nude women with ornate Jewellery.

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