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Khajuraho Travel Guide

A historic city widely applauded for its endearing temples, Khajuraho in the State of Madhya Pradesh is situated in the woody plain of Bundelkhand region. One among the most attractive holiday attractions in North India, the city has been justifiedly called as the symbolization of the medieval heritage. The invoking temples of Khajuraho portray a marvellous meld of architectural and sculptural sheerness, constituting one of the leading examples of Indian art.

Architectural brilliance and discretion of Khajuraho temples, has allowed it with the honoured status of a world heritage site by UNESCO. The hundreds of years old temples are decorated with most striking, erotic and aesthetic sculptures that exhibit the philosophy in the Hindu religion. The titillating images that love the beautiful shrines draw the innocent form of love, a demonstration of induced human sentiments. A variety of sumptuous approaches, which are languorous, confrontational, puckishly tempting, give dependability to the presumption that Khajuraho's erotica were doomed to check the lovers who came to adore their gods at the temples.

The splendour and self-respect of Khajuraho is due to the modern thoughts, highly acquired artistic sense and religious allegiance of the great Chandela rulers. Being great supporters of art and architecture the Chandelas were passionate in constructing pretty temples and fabulous forts. A synonym for the medieval splendor, Khajuraho temples exemplifies not only the creativeness of the craftsman but also the astounding progressiveness of the celebrated rulers, under whose backup these astonishing structures were visualized and materialized.

Apart from the poetry carved temples, Khajuraho is well acknowledged for the cultural amusement held every year from 25th February to 2nd March. Khajuraho Dance festival offers an elite platform to demonstrate the Indian classical dance forms, by which the stones of heat of the temple city will be punched with the stunning performances of great dancers of India.

One among the hotspots in Indian tourism arena, Khajuraho extends fantabulous shopping chances with many shops, which offers souvenirs at best of prices. With all its charming and splendid past, Khajuraho is all set to win the heart of the holidaymakers.


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