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Hebbe Falls Travel

One imposing attraction near Kemmanagundi for the solitude-seclude seeking tourists is Hebbe Falls. Breezy lands, soft winds, misty waters comprises Hebbe falls, 168 m high.

The falls is broken down hitting a rock projection half way through making as imposing view. This breaking makes Hebbe Falls into two - a big fall and a small fall further down. Big falls known as Dodda Hebbe and small one as Chikka Hebbe.

Hebbe Falls is a charming picnic spot with lots of visitors moving around in the coolly air, spraying waters making the environment misty white. It is really refreshing to have a head down bath under the gushing herbal soaked and clean with medicinal power enriched water. Cascading water amidst thickly populated dark green woods and a plantation, patting through enriched herbal medicinal plants is proved for curing the skin ailments and common cold.

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