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Triyuginarayan Travel

A five-kilometer trek from Son Prayag leads to Triyuginarayan, a charming village in Rudraprayag. Famed for the old temple in the name of Vishnu, this is an often frequented place by the devotees. In architecture and design this temple resembles the Kedarnath shrine. Encircled by abundant foliage the temple at Trijuginarayan give a picture of the ethnicity and customs of India. The entire structure in the temple is designed in such a way that it should give a homely feeling.

This place has got some mythological importance. It is believed that Triyuginarayan is the place where Lord Shiva tied the nuptial knot with his consort Parvati. A perpetual flame, lit in front of the Shiva temple is believed to have witnessed the holy matrimony. Other places of religious significance are Vishnu Kund, Rudra Kund and Brahma Kund.

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