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Guptkashi Travel

Famed for the Ardhanareeshwar and Viswanath temples, Gupt Kashi serves as an ideal stopover place for the devotees to Kedarnath. As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva makes himself hidden here for some time. During winter, the deity at the Kedarnath shrine proceeds through this place to its winter abode. Viswanath is one among the many incarnations of Lord Shiva. Viswanath literally means the lord of the Universe. The temple premises reflect the architectural style of the bygone eras.

Arthanareeshwar is a divine concept that depicts the deity in the form of half man and half woman. The temple portrays Lord Shiva as half male and half female. The temple has two streams of water, which symbolizes the holy rivers, Ganga and Yamuna. The entrance of the temple is guarded by the image of Nandi bull.

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