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Phansad Bird Sanctuary Travel

The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is an astonishing exposure. Although Phansad is a bird sanctuary, it also houses a large collection of amphibians, insects and mammals. Spread across a vast area of 52.71 sq km, Phansad is quite a lonely place not visited by scores of people and the forest replicates this with its green panorama and diverse flora and fauna that will persuade one to languish.

A leisurely walk through this Sanctuary is a visual luxury of beautiful birds and butterflies, bizarre insects and the blush of flowers in blossom. The intense air of the Sanctuary, with the exhilarating smell of rich foliage and the mildewed odor of putrefying trees is really wonderful.

A protected area with moderate hills, the woody forest of the sanctuary is a natural habitat for a variety of species. A delight of bird watchers, one can spot a number of endemic flora and fauna here. What makes the visit of the Sanctuary most precious is the rare sight of the beautiful giant Indian squirrel.

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