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Kashid Travel Guide

A beach city on the shores of majestic Arabian Sea, Kashid is situated in the State of Maharashtra. Famous for its attracting beaches, majestic mountains and murmuring casuarinas, Kashid extends a quite and an unwinding time to the holidaymaker. A bewitching venue, which drifts on a densely wooded hill, is contributed with one among the most beguiling beaches of the western coast. Kashid is bulged between two hummocks with casuarinas groves all over the sea-coast. A calm shore that extends to a vast extend confronts a spellbound show.

The inflicting Arabian Sea depicts its full glory here in Kashid. The unceasing sea with its huge stretch of clean seashore arouses a regenerating feeling. The bizarre high lingering waves of the sea provide a pleasure for surfing. Kashid Beach is one of the many rendered seaside resorts that splotch the western coast of India. One among the idealistic location, on the shores of bewitching sea is a crowd puller on weekends.

A fast egressing, wacky destination, Kashid’s immaculate water, appallingly clean beach survives the loveliest spot in the nearby areas. A ride through this coastwise belt is the perfect way to arrest the amazing rustic beauty of rural India.

Though this enchanting shoreline is just a few kilometers away from the Mumbai city; it is quite bewildering that this beach is not yet searched completely. An unusual location absolutely suits to those who choose to be in solitude, Kashid’s uncorrupted natural magnificence fills the holidaymaker with a reviewing warmness.

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