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Kasauli Travel Guide

One among the tiny venues located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli poses the charisma of an unflustered holiday destination. A beautiful hill station, Kasauli is famous for its picture serene surroundings and its graceful Victorian mansions. This attracting hill resort is a picture of serenity, imbedded in the magnetic attraction of evergreen trees like oaks, willows and firs. Coated boulevards now conceded to stunning oak, chestnut and pine forests. Once played a sanatarium for the British, Kasauli builds upon much to the famous English for its coronating glory.

The snow clad mountains, intense forests and lush foliage assign the good beauty of this hill station. It is rather amazing that this rolling picnic spot still holds its colonial inheritance with its entire appeal. Gabled houses with old-time veneers, cobblestoned passages and coggles of orderly orchards and well-designed gardens foreground the resort’s regal elegance.

Contributed with thick woody forests, Kasauli is the home of numerous species of Himalayan fauna, which are populated in the wildlife sanctuaries of this most beautiful hill station. These sanctuaries are sited at lofty ranges, having amazing plodding paths and also have comforts for cantonment in the wilderness. The guggling torrents, the enamouring alpine meadows and lofty blizzard enclosed peaks offer an eternal delight to the holidaymakers.

The most significant place in Kasauli is the convergence of Upper and Lower Malls where one can find a range of shops and commercial governances. These roads are flanked by attractive trees that render a green shade to the entire area. A relaxed walk in this enforcing greenery is a marvellous experience, which attains Kasauli a popular picnic spot. This rather beautiful hill-station is also famous for the Pasteur Institute that makes up vaccine against Rabies.

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