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Karnala Travel Guide

Karnala is a famous fort city in Raigad district of Maharashtra with impressing natural beauty and tranquil environment. This is a fine place for prompted eco tourists. Karnala is the best outing destination for bird lovers. Even a regular holidaymaker can watch many varieties of colorful birds flying over the calm beautiful bright sky. It is commanded by the fort, bird sanctuary and scenic environments. Karnala is noted by dense forests and high mountain ranges all around.

Karnala is flourishing with lusting greenery and is the natural home ground of many bird species. Bird watching is the main centre of attraction of Karnala holiday. Karnala encircled by green thick forests is really a village of wild animals. Caducous forest with many varieties of trees including kulu, teak, koshimb, mango, asana and Kalam is a perfect place for traveling. It has fantabulous facilities for trekking. Even a natural walk along the undiscovered trails of Karnala is an origin of joy with the brumous cool ambience. The ecological weather condition in Karnala is very favorable for birds and wild life.

Karnala receives all naturalists to its lap with so many attractions related to nature. Apart from this, the favoured Karnala is resonant of history mixed with the strategically important fort under the Maratha rule. Karnala has a abundant history as it was prevailed by many local and foreign invaders including Muslims, Portuguese and Maratha.

Panavel and Apta rivers create the serene city a productive land. Visiting Nature Interpretation Centre and a traveling through the tracks of Karnala amidst the beautiful landscapes and constringe mountain paths are breath taking experiences.

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