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Venur Travel

Venur on the bank of river Gurupur is a small town near to Karkala. Venur, once the capital of the Ajila destiny, was a great citadel of Jainism. A colossus of Bahubali, 35 feet high built in 1604 AD, constructed during the rule of King Thimmanna Ajila, is a marvelous attraction here. This statue of Gommateshwara, Lord Bahubali is standing here on an elevated platform without any support. The features of the statue are nicely made and are in proportion. The statue is really wonderful and a valued view.

Apart from this spectacular Monolith of Bahubali, Venur's claims to fame have seven beautiful ancient temples. Venur offers its visitors the marvelous beauty and architectural extravaganza in its real sense.

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