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Moodabidri Travel

A scenic spot in the midst of hills mixed with abundant green bamboo trees, Moodabidri, stands for eastern bamboo area, is a renowned place of cultural and historical significance situated near to Karkala and is also known as Jaina Kashi of South India.

A thousand-pillared Tribhuvana Tilaka Choodamani Basadi in Moodabidri, built around 1430 AD, and is a spectacular piece of architecture. The basadi’s pillars are each constructed in a different style, depicting the architectural techniques of various eras. This was served as a home to many saints and poets in olden times. Jain devotees from all over India regularly visit here to worship the Jaina Basadis, dedicated to the memory of the 18 Teerthankars.

Mutt of Sri Charukeerthi Swamiji is another religious attraction here. It has the fame of very big granite monoliths, known as Konaje Kallu. This is a fantastic religious place to visit and mix with the ancient culture of India.

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