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Karkala Travel Guide

Vivacious in activities and dynamic in surroundings, Karkala, a historical town and pilgrim center for Jains and Hindus is a peaceable Udipi district in Karnataka. Its name is inferred from the Kannada word “Karikallu” which means black stones.

Karkala is a calm town very well acknowledged for the Jain Basadis and the mammoth monolithic statue of Bahubali, which endures majestically in the heart of the city. Another chief attraction here is the immense Chaturmukha Basti, a tremendous site. Karkala is a center of bubbly activity where legerity and allegiance combine to take a noteworthy form. The visitants will be overcome with young avid carvers engraving beautiful images and bringing life to stones.

Karkala, historically acknowledged as Pandyanagari or city of Pandya, was ruled out early 14th century by the chief having name Veera Pandya of Bhairarasa family, acclaimed from Humcha in Shimoga district. Being secular even at that time of point, these rulers equally regarded all religions, although they were themselves committed Jains. The Goud-Saraswats who were taking flight from Portuguese harassment were received by Karkala and the large temple of Venkataramana is established in this serene city during the Common Era 1537.

Anantha Padmanabha temple committed to Lord Vishnu, Chaturmukha Basadi and Neminath Basadi at Hiriangadi, acquired to be established as early as 16th century, are some of other temple attractions here. All these temples have captivating histories and are famous for architectural magnificence. The visitors concourse to the temple of Venkataramana throughout the festival of lights to see wonderful view of lights. This temple is beautiful to many people and many discover it resistless to visit the temple on a regular basis and meet the Lord's blessings.

The renowned single stone statue of 42-foot high Gomateswara, also predicted as Lord Bahubali, is situated very close. There are about 18 Jain shrines here, apart from several other temples, mosques and churches in and around Karkala. Karkala has many places of worship like the Jama Masjid at Salmaar, the Attur Church of St. Lawrence which was presumed to be constructed some centuries ago and Padutirupathi Sreenivasa Temple imagined to be more than 550 years old. Anekere Lake and Ramasamudra pond are some other beautiful attractions here. Karkala extends the tourists copiously the ethnical and spiritual heritage of South India and is a place worth visiting.

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