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Health Resorts

Health resorts in Karjat are main attractions for health conscious tourists. The resorts offer all facilities for perfect traditional holistic therapies. These resorts provide facilities for inpatient Ayurvedic treatments such as Massaging, Nasyam and other forms of Ayurvedic treatments. These places have facilities for natural therapies and aroma therapies as well. Diabetics control, stress control and obesity control programs are proved to be very efficient for the people who suffer from these disorders.

Meditation and Yoga are integral parts of the therapies offered in these health resorts. These resorts offer absolute solitude and a pretty life by merging with the nature.

Sathya health Farm is a specimen of the health resort located at Vanjerwadi in Karjat. The farm looks like a traditional Indian hamlet with nearly 30 spacious beautifully and hygienically arranged rooms with bath attached facilities.

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