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Timangarh Fort Travel

The Timangarh Fort named after the King Timanpal is an imposing structure staring down at the surroundings at a distance of around 40 km from Karauli. The fort is believed to have been constructed in 1100 AD, and destroyed in one of the attack thereafter. The fort was renovated in 1244 AD by King Timanpal of Bayana. The fort is renowned for it’s collection ancient ashtadhatu (eight metals) and stone idols carvings. The amazing art work visible on the temple yards and walls is an example of the expertise that prevailed in the region.

The Fort is touched upon by the Sagar from one side and stands witness to the innumerable dips the local villagers have dived in hopes of acquiring the Paras (the wishing stone) stone believed to be sunk at the bottom of the lake, and some villagers still hopes to find the paras stone which is believed to be still somewhere in the lake.

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