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  Uttar Pradesh>>Kanpur>>When To Go

When to Go

Kanpur experiences extreme climatic conditions, with maximum temperature in summers reaches a scorching level of 48°C and a minimum temperature in winters reaching a subzero level of -3°C. Summers (April – June) are severely hot accompanied with heat waves and dust storWms. Winters (November to January) causes severe fog conditions disrupting road traffic and air traffic, especially during December and January. Monsoons bring down the heat wave conditions and the climate become moderate with humid air. Spring (February-March) is pleasant with cool climate.

Holi is one of the important festivals celebrated during the spring season (February-March) and is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated with great gaiety and fervor. Many fairs are conducted in Kanpur during the Holi period.

Best time to visit is October to March, keep off extreme winter days and severe foggy days. Avoid travel during foggy days; it can cause severe delays in journey.

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