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Kanha National Park Travel

Spread over a vast expansion of around 2000 square kilometers, Kanha National Park is regarded as one of the finest national parks in India. This park has been renowned for its rich reserve of its tiger force. Nestled between the magnificent Satpura and Maikal mountain peaks, this national park proffers ideal surroundings to the large spectra of the animal kingdom. Declared as a sanctuary in the year 1933, this pretty abode of the animal world has acquired as the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1975.

Naturally bestowed with a wide range of flora and fauna, Kanha boast of so many exotic varieties of species. Its rich fauna includes bison, tiger, sambar, gaur, barasingha chital, barking deer, black buck and leopard. One of the main attractions of this park is the endangered species of the Swamp Deer. The avian fauna of the park is abundantly rich and it provides the colourful people a natural environment.

Apart from seeing the animals in a friendly ambiance, the park presents picturesque sceneries of dense forest, extensive grazing lands, lofty trees, tuft of wild bamboo and glittering streams. Around 600 species of flowering plants that are seen blooming through out the year make the park a magnetic appeal. Halon and Banjar that flow through the park serves as an abundant reservoir of water and keeps the vibrancy of the park.

The best time to have a ride at the park is February-April and one can also opt the time between November to June. The perfect time for sight seeing would be early morning and the evening from 4 pm till dusk.

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