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Jungle Safari Travel

An enthralling wild life experiences that is what the Jangle Safari in Kanha offers to the visitors. Watching the wild animals in their natural habitat provides a rejuvenating feel to every body. Gazing through the park in an open vehicle offers the imposing and passable sight of the beautiful setting and to grab hold of every species that may just slink into the meadows and to pay attention to the jingle of the natural world.

The vehicles are prettily designed to suit the ambiance of the park so that it would not make any alarm to the peaceful life of the inhabitants. A stride through the meandering pavements is a memorable extravaganza that would provide some of the beautiful sceneries of the jungle world. Jungle Safari in the Park allows the visitor a two-fold option to have a ride. Park provides the service of an expert guide.

Jungle Safari in the morning time lasts for 4-5 hours and the duration is slightly reduced by one hour in the evenings. The experience of seeing the wild animals in their normal environment would be an unforgettable and a rare feeling. Through out the safari, your ears would be echoed with the roaring and deafening sounds of different animals.

The lodge in the safari path offers an all-embracing library with wildlife books, videos and magazines. With nature walks, bird watching, and village walks and Tribal dances jungle safari in Kanha would be a worthy watch spectacle which would be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

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