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Kanha Travel Guide

A beautiful town located in Mandla district in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha introduces the glorious face of wildlife of India. Prettily inducted in between two adorable Rivers of Helon and Banjar, this tiny venue is the core of tiger conservation in the landmass. Though the Kanha National Park is the chief attraction, other places like, Kanha Museum, Bamni Dadar, Mandla Fort, Phen Wildlife Sanctuary and Ramnagar Fort are also gets a perfect stop over points.

Kanha’s enticing charm fascinates the visitors’ attention with its bamboo and sal forests, rolling grasslands and rolling torrents. A land of ample flora and fauna, Kanha feature of a vivacious natural vista.

The famous hounding spot of formerly rulers and viceroys became confounded to fame after publishing of the Jungle book by the towering writer Rudiard Kipling. A rambling forest with changed hybrids and rich wild life is a worthwhile spot that extend a bird's-eye picture of enamouring marvels.

Monsoon with its rainy cascades brings a regenerating insolence to the deep woods and the lavish meadows. Another enforcing site in the near by locality of Kanha is Shravantal dam. Though it appears pretty old, the winter season introduces breath taking sceneries of gorgeous waterfowls.

Archaeological monuments in Baihar would be a rare banquet to archaeological buffs that scarcely takes half an hour journey from Kanha. Leftovers of ancient temples and bulwarks of old structures would be telling sceneries to the onlooker.

Jungle Safari
Kanha National Park

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