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Kamarajar Travel Guide

Kamarajar is situated in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Sometimes denoted to as Athoor, this area permits holidaymakers to experience India's graceful ecology at its best. Coconut trees and mango trees are bountiful in the area making a tropical ambiance predominant here.

Accepting long and leisurely walks through the countryside in the area is one of the most popular activities in this area. Various different walking trails are uncommitted for use in and around the village of Kamarajar. Most places deserving to watch near Kamarajar can be walked to in a sensible amount of time exploitation these walking trails. It is possible to go through some great bird watching while on your walk. Birds such as peacocks, storks, kingfishers, cranes, herons, and sunbirds are all acknowledged to frequent the area. In fact, one bird seeing group from Great Britain was even able to written document seeing 160 different varieties of birds in a short four day span of time.

Trekking is another popular adventurous activity in the region. With so many attractive and natural sites to see, no wonder people wish to do more than just briefly experience the landscape.

Trekking provides a long term association to the natural experience around you. Although tigers are not normally seen in this area, other types of wildlife do boom in the region. It is usual to see leopards, mongoose, monkeys, bison, and wild boar all around the area. Anyone who is interested in experience some breathtaking natural beauty will get holds Kamarajar to be a fascinating place to visit.


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