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Trekking Travel

Kakkabe is a trekker’s pleasure to those people seeking for serenity, as there a number of treks small and medium and of varying grades that is apt for most visitors. Though most trails are parasite infected during the monsoon.

The most admired trek is the one to the undulated Thadiyendamol peak - it has the prestige of being the second highest peak in Karnataka. It is a long trek and the view from the hill top is imposing and breathtaking. Trek to the waterfalls nearby through the coffee plantations. The well laid trekking trails in Thadiandamol is challenging and enjoyable.

Another fascinating trekking trail starts from Chelavara village and leads through the various waterfalls including Baliatra falls, Emmepare Falls, Thadiandamol peak and the ruined structures of Nalakkanad palace and ends at the Iguthappa peak. It is really a thrilling experience to trek through these stunning and appealing forests of Kakkabe.

Recommended time for Trekking is September to May.

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