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Kakkabe Travel Guide

A place entertaining the prestigious rewards of being the biggest producer of sweetest honey in South-east Asia, Kakkabe is a colourful little village in Karnataka's Western Ghats. It's a handsome hill station resting under the lineation of Thadiyendamol peak in the midst of densely inhabited rain forest and coffee orchards.

Kakkabe is famed for its natural scenic beauty. On a clear day, one can still view the distant Arabian Sea from Thadiyendamol, the most magniloquent peak in the region. A mismatched mountain terrain interconnected with flourishing coffee and cardamom plantations, besprinkled hamlets and paddy refinement lands. The place shot to the fame for cool nice weather, flapped green prospering hills and attractive scenery around.

Kakkabe is a land of harmoniousness where many communities including Brahmins, Christians, Gowdas, and Jains cohabit in peace and cooperation. The main ethnic dwellers are Kodavas, living with unflustered culture and beliefs. A popular base for rain forest treks, Kakkabe is abode to some uncommon and extraordinary orchids and plants. These woodlands are famous for some wildlife species like pangolin, barking deer, various varieties of birds and flying squirrel.

Kakkabe is flourishing and has developed to a popular tourist destination. Nalnad palace and Iguthappa temple are chief attractions here and holidaymakers can attempt some adventuresome activities like trekking and rock climbing. The Padi Iguthappa Temple, the most famous temple of the Kodavas, is located here. One can enjoy the holiday hjere with the world renowned honey farms and the pretty beautiful palace, Nalnad Palace, which is also known to fame as hunting lodge. The landscape painting of Kakkabe is still mostly unspoilt and undeveloped and the travels through the dense forest are highly intriguing and tremendously rewarding for an enthusiast traveler. An ornithologist’s paradise, Kakkabe is an inordinately wonderful place to visit.

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