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Jawahar Travel Guide

Jawahar in Maharashtra was a princely state governed by Munke dynasty during the time of British rule. It is identified in beautiful position with thick green trees all around and bosoms many waterfalls large and small appealing thousands of holidaymakers to its lap. Jawahar developed to renown as the natural habitat of Worli tribes and is also famous for the traditional paintings of tribes. Historical evidences prove that Chathrapathi Shivaji was cantonment in this place during his travels to Surat.

Jawahar is glinting with many exquisite locations in and around. Jai Vilas palace and Bhupatghad fort are two of such attractions close to it.

The residential palace of the former rulers of Jawahar has 80 majestically made rooms. Unspoilt and mostly undiscovered waterfalls are the outstanding tourist attractions in Jawahar. Dadar-Kopra falls and Palusa are the two scenic waterfalls placed utterly amidst lush greeneries. The booming cascade and the white burbling water are breathtaking and eye catching.

The backgrounds of the waterfalls with hilly mountain range with full of woods is really a captivating view. This prime location in the tourist map of Maharashtra cannot be escaped by any of the tourists looking for enjoyable vacations. Jawahar is extremely ameliorated with natural beauties and man made marvels. Grand temples with historical importance, Lakes with calm atmosphere, dams placed at naturally scenic places and inflicting tourist spots like sunset point and hanuman point which extend beautiful bird's eye view of the down valley are all appeal the domestic and foreign tourists to Jawahar.

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