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Jubilee Park (Jayanti Sarovar) Travel

An amazing park in Jamshedpur, the Jubilee Park is also known as Jayanti Sarovar, which is a notable part of the Park. The nature friendly park, inaugurated in 1956, with lush green vegetation, attractive illuminated fountains and multi colored flowering plants is a marvelous spot to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature in the busy industrial city.

One of the biggest parks in India, Jubilee Park sprawls around 237.75 acres of scenic lands. The garden known as Mughal Garden in this park is built as a replica of Brindvan Gardens in Bangalore. The beautiful Rose Garden with more than 1000 varieties of different colored roses adds the attraction to the Park.

The park encloses an amusement park for the children, another children’s park and a magnificent horticulture garden containing hybrid plant flora. Children’s park is really wonderful with swings, see saws, windmill, skating rings and many rides. Playing ground in the park offers wonderful time for children.

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