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Jammu Travel Guide

Noted as city of temples with attractive surroundings, an everlasting destination for those searching secluded ambiance, Jammu is situated at the foot hills of great Himalayas and is the winter capital of the state Jammu and Kashmir. It is conceived that Raja Jamboolochan established this exotic city in 14th century BC. The city, which saw in ancient epic Mahabharata, was cited first as Jamboo, but later it has become Jammu. History and archaeological evidence says that Jammu was the inherent part of Harappa civilization. Jammu city is acknowledged for its ancient temples, imposing palaces and historically renowned places. To list a few significant attractions Shri Mata Vaishno Devi temple, Gauri Kund Temple, Bahu fort, Amar mahal, Amarnath caves, Mubarak Mandi Palace complex, Gadhadharji Temple, Dogra Art museum and many more. Surinsar Lake is an innate attraction here.

Adventure sports are the main feature of this amazing city. Tourists are disputed with many opportunities like mountain climbing, nature walks, trekking and rafting. Patnitop, Kishtwar, Krimchi and Sanasar are some of the adventure spots. This is an agriculture foundation with major crops of maize, wheat and paddy. This is a destination where one can get the valuable handicrafts built with perfection. Saffron, the highly priced spice, is the naturalized in Jammu fields. The fauna constitutes wild sheep, cheetah, leopard, deer, bear, muskrat, and different kinds of reptiles, brown musk shrew, snow partridge and pheasants. Many festivals are famed here with much ebullience. They include Deepavali, Holi, Lohri, Ramnavami, Shivarathri and Baisakhi. The festival season appeals many tourists from India and abroad.

Embellished with beautiful gardens, lakes, hillocks, snowy mountains the land of temples is a must holidaying place in India.


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