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Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre Travel

Jaisalmer fort encloses many marvelous attractions of monuments, temples and gardens. A Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre is a major praiseworthy monument in the fort. It is the Rajmahal, the erstwhile royal residence, was converted to the museum and heritage centre. The displays are specimens showcasing the rich cultural heritage of centuries old Rajput period.

The present main building is a structure of 19th century and other earlier structures are connected to this main structure through corridors. The top spot of the palace id one of the highest point in the city. One can enjoy the superb panoramic view of the entire city, temples, fortresses and gardens from the top place of the Palace.

Entry to the Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre is restricted with passes charging minimal amount and is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

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