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Bada Bagh Travel

Bada Bagh, literally means big garden, is a entertaining garden located at Jaisalmer. It is founded in the 16th century by Maharawal Jait Singh and completed the construction during his son’s (Lunakaran’s) reign.

This garden is attracted by three majestic views of dam, water tank and the garden itself. The garden encloses a pillar known as Govardhan Stambh, on which the names of water tank and dam (Jaitsar and Jait Bandh respectively) are inscribed. The names were given to honor the man Jait who built the dam and tank.

The Dam, Jait Bandh, is a massive structure having a length of 1200 ft and a width of 350 ft. It is built with solid stone blocks and has many steps to get into it. This is really a marvelous attraction to have a close look of the centuries old structures and design.

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