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Jaisalmer Travel Guide

Exotic beauty, predominant in historical value, gratifying gift of nature and Jaisalmer is at the paradigm of beauty and beauty. Jaisalmer, a city dubbed as Golden City in Rajput clans, is the most appealing tourist spot in Rajasthan, India. The place is strategically located and was the chief trade route between India and other Asian countries. Jaisalmer protested the invasion from many foreign invaders and was unmatched royal place come under the rule of British. Jaisalmer was the princely state of British Raj until Indian Independence and ruled by the King Bhati of Rajput Clan.

This wonderful city, constituting a part of the Great Indian Desert was established in centuries back by Rawal Jaisal of the Yadav community and the name Jaisalmer signifies the hill fort of Jaisal. Applauded all over the world as world’s most attractive golden sand deserts, warmth filled romantic desert sand dunes and the breathtaking picnic spot with majestic fort, Jaisalmer is the preferred location for advertisement fraternity.

This medieval city of Jaisalmer has developed into fame as a quixotic gateway for exotic delectations and breathtaking panoramas. Glorious palaces, Golden fort, ancient inflicting temples and havelis provide this tremendous place a permanent spot in the tourist map of India. This city summits many medieval period Jain temples as well. The city is ameliorated with the dainty collections of arts, textiles and crafts. The majority of the dwellers are Rajputs, who have famous as great warriors. The annual desert fair observed with festivities, camel shows and adventurous rides is actual attraction for the holidaymakers. This is a real eye banqueting event in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is a vivacious tourist location with number of mind boasting attractions such as Sonar Kila, Jaisalmer fort, many havelis, temples and sand dunes. The flowery temples and many buildings are real examples of the sculptural amusement of medieval Rajasthan.



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