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Vidyadhar Garden Travel

A thriving garden that commemorates the memory of an illustrious ruler of yester years, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, the Vidhyadhar Garden presents a charming appearance. It is a symphony of Mughal and contemporary Indian architecture. With its marvelously chiseled fountains, vivacious pavilions, sylvan lakes and stunning galleries the garden looks really imposing. The Mural paintings portraying lord Krishna adds its magical charm.

The sprawling vastness of the garden also boasts a pictorial vineyard. Vidyadhar garden is beautifully situated in between two low-lying hills. This garden looks amazingly beautiful in the evenings when it is illuminated with the multi-coloured lights. On the background of a dark sky, garden glitters like a bright spot. With the multitude of breath taking sceneries, Vidhyadhar Garden is a treasure trove of natural vista and is worthy place for a stop over.

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