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Shila Devi Temple Travel

Dedicated to Goddess Kali, Shila Devi temple is placed in the Amber Fort complex. It is believed that the image of the deity is brought from Jessore in East Bengal by Raja Man Singh. This large white marble temple houses a black idol of the goddess Kali, which is in contrast to the white colour of the sanctum. Kali temple stood at the entry point of the majestic Amber fort as a proud protector.

This temple holds an interesting folklore, which says that the goddess had appeared to Man Singh in his dreams and asked him to take the idol from the sea. Since Man Singh was a great devotee of kali, he had done what he was told to do. The temple premises also hold nine similes of Goddess Durga and ten embodiments of Goddess Saraswati, which are imprinted on the silver gates of the temple. Other prominent deity in this temple is Lord Ganesha.

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