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Jhalana Nature Park (Nahagarh Biological Park)Travel

Normally all are of the opinion that Rajasthan is simply a desert area, which is devoid of any foliage and natural vegetation. This preconceived notion would go wrong when one comes in touch with the Nahagarh region of this arid state. This scenic locale houses one of the oldest mountain ranges in the entire world itself, the Aravallies. The thick woods that surround these mighty rocky formations are a haven of natural flora and fauna.

Located adjacent to the Nahagarh Fort, Jhalana Nature park sprawls over an expansion of 7.2 square km. It consists of sandstone and quartzite rocks and the foliage is typically symbolizes the sultry dry deciduous and muggy bristle forests. The park is an abundant resource of wild life, which consists of reptiles, tiger, leopard, rhesus monkeys and deer. The park also provides natural ambiance to a large variety of the bird flock.

This park provides the unusual opportunity of exploring the pristine nature through jungle safaris. The trail through the forest is approximately of 10 kilometers in expansion that can be covered either on foot or by jeep or on horse.

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