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Jamwa Ramgarh Travel

Situated in the suburban of Jaipur, Ramgarh proffers countless attractions and most significant of all is the artificial lake that is entrenched between majestic hills. Jamwa Ramgarh holds a regal past since it was the hunting spot of the erstwhile rulers. The royal people were used to stay at the lodge, which has been converted into a luxury hotel. The magnificent scenery of a heritage hotel that overlooks to a charming lake poses a visual treat.

During monsoon season the lake shows its pictorial beauty at its zenith and a nice promenade through the banks of this lake is quite a spectacular one. Apart from this, the lakeside is a delightful sight to those who are very fond of birds. Colourful flocks of birds both inland and migratory makes a captivating panorama of nature.

This locale is also famed for its wildlife sanctuary by the same name, which is a home for large variety of wild animals. This sanctuary also offers jungle safaris. Other alluring places of interest in Ramgarh are the ramparts of a fort, a sacred shrine, beautiful havelis and marvelous cenotaphs of ancient rulers.

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