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Jaigarh Fort Travel

Situated on the majestic Chilh-ka-Tola or the hill of eagles, the lofty walls of the Jaigarh Fort spread over a vast expansion of three kilometers. This impregnable fort of the Rajput was built purely for the defense activities. Doongar darwaza and Awani darwaza are the entry points to this mighty fortress. What makes this elegant fort so famous is its huge canon, which is believed to be the largest one of its kind in the world. Ironically this was not used for a single time in the long history of the fort.

Other conspicuous structures of the fort encompasses Diya Burj,Vijay Garh and the palace complex. Divya Burj is a seven-storied formation, which commands the pictorial view of the whole city. Vijay Garh is the vast armory section where one can have a glimpse of the arms and ammunitions of the Rajputs. The palace complex is also a worthy to watch spectacle with its exquisite architecture. Among all the formations, the most fascinating lure would be the Museum, which proudly depicts the history of this ancient fortress.


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