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Central Park Travel

The modern face of Central Park had been attributed by the grand plan put forward by the Jaipur development authority. Jaipur’s vivacious outlook has been improved much by the appealing charisma of this outstanding garden. Central park now holds all the amenities of a modern theme park where people can spend hours in the enthralling and imposing atmosphere. Its vast stretch of seasonal plants with their inscrutable aroma makes any visitor spellbound.

The park also houses a hi-tech nursery, a glass house with inland and foreign varieties of bamboo plants. Exotic items of aquatic plant in the tiny ponds presents a colourful floral bed, which would definitely catch the attention of the spectator. Besides this, floriculture section and the water fountains adds a magical charm to the wonderful ambiance of the park. Leisurely promenades through the beautiful walkways of the park fill one with a rejuvenating freshness.

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