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Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing Travel

A charitable foundation mainly working at the grass root level, The Anokhi Foundation aims to preserve the centuries old customs and traditions of the artisans in Jaipur. It tries to marmalade the ethnicity, craft and artistic talents of the local people by providing employment opportunities to them. Anokhi Museum and hand printing is one among its innovative vocations, which is a great endeavor to revive the centuries old rich tradition of hand block printing.

While focusing on the traditional methods of hand printing, this museum is also paving its attention to the modern trends. It intends to portray the conventional innate methods along with the most modern techniques, thus providing a good commercial success to the people working in this field. The progressive on look of the foundation has opened a new realm to the block-printing sector, which helped this traditional artwork to attain worldwide acclaim. Today with the help of this, the artisans are able to produce more quality goods, which can with stand the mill fabrics. Besides all this, the foundation has been running a museum where it exhibits various artifacts in relation to the hand and block printing. The exhibition showcases traditional as well as the modern trends prevalent in this field.

This museum works between 10:30 am to 5 pm and on Sunday the working hours is scheduled between 11 am to 4:30 pm. It is closed on Mondays. Museum is closed annually from May 1st to mid July for maintenance.

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