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Jaipur Travel Guide

A vivacious city, which was founded in 1727, Jaipur has been applauded as the first projected city in India. The capital of the erstwhile Kachwaha rulers, Jaipur extends a multifarious tourist destination. This booming city has descended its name from the illustrious ruler Sawai Jaisingh II, whose liberal thinking gave birth to an absolutely planned city. The term Sawai has been conferred upon him by the then Mughal Emperor as a reward to his multifaceted personality. This poetic reflection literally means Jaisingh was valuable than one.

Widely heralded as the Pink City of India, Jaipur multiplies in its magnificent past, combative history, celebrated tradition, architectural quality and natural vista. Though the Rajputs are renowned for their valor and bravery, the rulers of Jaipur dissent from the rest of the Rajput kin. Apart from demonstrating their chivalry, these great warriors have shown much discreetness in their relation with the powerful kingdoms of their time. The designing of the city in conformity with the strict norms of Indian Vasthusasthra demonstrates their credentials as good administrators. Possibly this might be the only city in the world, which typifies the nine divisions of the Universe.

Jaipur is mostly famous for its imperial buildings, which exhibits unequalled architectural grandeur. These dazing facades of medieval India have experienced a global acclaim for its intricate and exquisite charm. An old-time place, Jaipur regurgitates its glorious past through its princely forts, bewitching palaces, cluttered walls, calm temples and endearing havelis. Its scintillating view is assigned by the magnetic lure of its prominent gardens. The repose and tranquility of the verdant gardens with its wonderfully inclined landscapes and colorful flowered arcades demonstrates a picturesque appeal, which will certainly spellbind any visitor.

It is not just repositories and castles that Jaipur offers. Apart from an array of absorbing attractions this vibrant city applies dainty handicrafts and tremendous jewelry. These fragile artifacts, which impersonate the rustic and coloured village life, would be a great treasure for every visitor.

With its magnetic view of architectural brilliance, tradition and natural brilliance, a trip to Jaipur would be a retreat to those who are passionate and eager to know about the rich cultural heritage of India.


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