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Indore Travel Guide

Nestled in the magnificent Narmada River valley, Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its gallant temples and brilliant monuments. A historic city, which was governed by famous dynasties, especially the Halkers, Indore is all set to enrapture the visitants with its historical monuments and cultural heritage. Invested on the serene surroundings of the Malwa plateau, at an elevation of 553m above the sea level, Indore delivers an amalgamation of splendiferous past with a bustling future. A fascinating city on the background of two beautiful streams, with a gallant temple commanding the rivers, Indore is gifted with all the grandeurs of the Mother Nature.

With its temperate climate and strategic position on the Malwa plateau, Indore is a first-rate tourist destination. The gentle, breezy wind of the morning that cools down the surroundings makes the evenings quite enjoyable. Perfectly, called as the ‘food city’, Indore has great potpourri and taste in food, which extends multiple cuisines like the strong spicy foods, the delightful Punjabi food and Indian sweets. Once tasted, its flavor will bring oneself back for a second time.

Indore is renowned for the unique handicraft articles, which are indeed a true manifestation of Indore’s ethnicity. A leisurely walk around the city continues the best earthenware idols and paper mache products. A wide range of shopping stuffs like ethnic and chic jewelry, good quality silk and satin clothes, finespun glass bangles are also in store here to enamor the shopping buffs. The world noted Chanderi and Maheshwari silks of Indore entice people with its artistic splendour.

A city of celebrations, Indore’s rich culture is blended with its colourful festivals like Rangpanchmi, Gangaur and Ganesh Chathurdhi. Naturally conferred with beautiful landscapes and a sound climate, the magical charm of Indore will definitely win ones heart.


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