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  Manipur>>Imphal>>Historical Attractions

Saheed Minar Travel

Shaheed Minar (Martyr’s Memorial) salutes the determined and indomitable sprit of the Meetie and tribal warriors who gladly sacrificed their lives and families while waging a war for survival of the identity against the British Army in 1891. This lofty Minaret at Bir Tikendtrajit Park in the center of the city reminds passers by of the sacrifices of those great men.

Not to be left alone the Manipuri Women also displayed an equal example of courage and valor when they revolted against the British on 12th December 1939 and continues their uprising for almost 15 months. The Nupee-lal (Women’s war) Memorial next to Imphal Head Post Office was constructed to remember this brave act of the Manipuri women.


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