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  Manipur>>Imphal>>Historical Attractions

Kangla Fort Travel

Situated right near the bank of the Imphal River and at the heart of Imphal city is 'Kangla', the ancient capital of Manipur till Imphal took over from 1891. During ancient times, 'Kangla' was the royal palace (King Pakhangba 33 A.D.). The monarchy of Manipur was found and enlarged from 'Kangla'. A place of such an important political and religious stature, Kangla soon became an astounding fortress city.

The brick walls were constructed in 1632 A.D., after acquiring the skills from Chinese prisoners captured during war. The fort is surrounded by a moat. The place was under the control of Assam Rifles until 2003. However now the fort is open for public viewing and is a marvelous site to behold for the amount of archaeological, religious and historical value.


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