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Imphal Travel Guide

It is generally considered that battle marks render a handsome face obnoxious; nonetheless one look at Imphal, the capital city of Manipur would force a change of opinion. This charming city has played the backdrop for the famous and bloody battle of Imphal along with battle of Kohima which bent the course of World War II when the Japanese lost the battle in Asia for the first time. Prior to this assume to fame, Imphal was the place of the Emperor of Manipur and has been the capital of Manipur State since 1826.

This quaint little beautiful city, ascertains its abode in the Basin of Manipur River. The city is surrounded by hills that protect it from almost every direction. However, being the center of attraction and major war operations during the British Rule Imphal has always been covered with grandness by the British. Various repositories and spots created by the erstwhile rulers still appeal nature lovers and students of History in droves to Imphal.

The city of Imphal extends a concerning mix of natural resources and man made wonders to the tourists. These include monuments, museums, archeological and religious sites, animal parks, markets and heritage sights. The state of Manipur is one among the seven sisters as the cleanest and most peaceful states. The people of Manipur are exceedingly cooperative and courteous. Generally they are categorized into two focals viz. the people living on the plains (Meities) and those from the hills.


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