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Shamirpet Travel

Shamirpet is famous for its artificial lake and other attractions near to the lake. The small lake of Shamirpet was built around 50 years ago by the Jahangir of the region. This lake is a rain-fed lake. Katta Maisamma, located in the lake bund, is a place of worship here. The deity is believed to protect the visitors.

There is a small pond near the Katta Maisamma temple, acting as a home for many small and beautiful birds. There used to be a well-laid garden earlier. A deer park is seen on the vicinity of the park, beside the lake resort, and is run by the Forest Department.

The park is open between 9 am and 5 pm. Weekends are particularly crowded with more people from the nearby towns and city came here. Shamirpet is an otherwise peaceful picnic spot.

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