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Mrigavani Wildlife Park Travel

Mrigavani Wildlife Park is also known as Mrigavani National Park, in Chilkur, which is situated around 25 km from Hyderabad. The park covers a huge area of about 700 acres. The plants of this park are of tropical dry deciduous types. It consists of about 600 plant species constituting algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, herbs, climbers, shrubs, and huge trees. The important trees are bamboo, neem, rosewood, sandalwood, teak, and so on.

The park is also house of different species (around 20 species) of animals, which includes cheetah, civet cat, forest cat, hare, mongoose, porcupine, sambar, and wild boar. Around 115 species of birds (including Babblers, Curlews, Ducks, Flower Peckers, Lapwings, Peacocks, Partridges, Quails, and Warblers) are seen in this park. It also comprises of about 20 species of butterflies and many hundred species of insects and worms.

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