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Jog Falls Travel

The spectacular Jog falls, nestled in the Western Ghats, near Honnemardu are magnificent, set in the backdrop of wild surroundings. It has many alternative names like Gersoppa falls, Gerusoppe falls, and Jogada Gundi.

Nature here has not been spoiled for the tourism facilities. The Sharavati river crash down to nearly nine hundred feet forming four main springs named king, queen, roarer and rocket. During the monsoon season or just after the rains, mist surrounded falls offer a superb view.

a walk to the bottom of the falls for the hearty and hale is suggested and one can take a nice bath in the pool created below the falls, during the hot season. Taking bath would be impracticable during the monsoons as the flow in the falls increase tremendously and the mist covers here. A really wonderful view for any visitor not to miss out.

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