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Bird Watching Travel

The forests of Honnemardu are an adobe for many medicinal herbs and plants and home to wide diversity of birds, small animals, reptiles and butterflies. The populated forests around Honnemardu and Jog Falls are a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Many uncommon species can be spotted while walking along the valley. Some of these precious birds include the European bee-eater, orange-headed ground thrush, fairy blue bird, spectacular ruby-cheeked bulbul and rare scarlet minuets. One will find blue rock pigeons taking shelter on the rocks just middle of the misty waterfalls, swallows flying up and down, marvelous red whiskered bulbuls and the yellow-browed bulbuls.

This place is famous for many varieties of butterflies, beautiful red helens, blue bottles, blue mormons, striped tigers, and so many, truly a feast for any butterfly lover.

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