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Honnemardu Travel Guide

Honnemardu is a little village rested on the hills that dominate the Linganamakki reservoir, which is also known as Honnemardu reservoir. The reservoir is the outcome of damming up the Sharavathi river way back in 1965. This place is popular among water sports partisans as a site for kayaking, windsurfing and other similar sports. In the middle of this vast water body there is a small island that attracts the campers. Honnemardu is an adventurer’s delight and it provides a wide range of activities for everyone from the school children to the ‘young at heart’ 60 year olds.

In addition to the several adventure activities, Honnemardu is also a birdwatcher’s paradise and one can spend endless hours observing and trying to discover the large variety of birds and butterflies.

There are a 60-square-mile freshwater swimming pool and enough forest for any one to scream their lungs out with trekking, natural walk, swimming and rafting.

The place is reckoned to have got its name from the honne tree and the village that is now submersed by the waters of the dam.

The only signs of human habitation today at Honnemardu are the two covered houses that accommodate a bunch of eco-tourism enthusiasts who call themselves ‘The Adventurers’.

The nights are the most magical, as a bonfire glares and the sweet aroma nature reaching, one can lie on his back and stare at the stars, with calm and cool mind. For adventurous holidaymakers, the visit to Honnemardu can never be left back in their minds.

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