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Hogenakkal Travel Guide

Hogenakkal is a riverbank small village, a meddling and noisy village, with plenty of flora and little dwelling in Tamil Nadu. This place is renowned for waterfalls. Hogenakkal Falls is a quiet attractive waterfall and is a good picnic spot. Its water alleged to have curative powers as the piddles of the Kaveri flow through a forest of herbs on their journey to Hogenakkal.

Hogenakkal Waterfalls, is also  known as the ‘Niagara’ falls of India, are not a individual waterfalls but a series of falls and they tenders a predicting holiday destination for nature lovers from and outside the country. Hogenakkal is conceived as one of the most beautiful places in the state. The broad flow of the River Kaveri gets bifurcate at this point, shaping an island from where one stream proceeds on while the other absorbs into a deep opening to create one of the most adorable waterfall gives these rocks the name Hogenakkal which stands for “smoking rock”.

This riverbank spa is renowned for coracles, massagers and roaring waters. The sound of the Kaveri River, roaring between rocky banks, is a perpetual presence in most places in Hogenakkal. At Hogenakkal, the Kaveri River goes into the complains and the river smashing against the rocks is a great sight. The river, here runs through a wooded valley, bursting and blending and breaking again around rocks, and little islands with eminent trees and boulder-strewn out crops, which are extended only when the river is in spate with the rains of the monsoon. Another attraction is the diving event and the skills of local kids, who can demo their diving skills for a fee. They can dive for you from a height of around 30 feet into the water and climbing straight up back on the rocks in no time, all for mere Rs 5/- from the spectator.

At one time in Hogenakkal, one can take a coracle ride across the river. The coracles or circular basket boats are covered with black plastic sheets and carry the ferry tourists across the shimmering, rippling river. The ride will take to the foot the majestic waterfalls – an exhilarating yet intimidating experience. The water here surges under the coracle, tossing it around, raging and hissing as though it might flood and capsize the boat any moment. The sight of Hogenakkal up close is as spellbinding, imposing and even a bit frightening. This white waterfall is particularly impressive soon after the monsoon months when the river is brimming.

One can try acquiring a massage from the famed Hogenakkal massagers. The local malishkarans or the mystic masseurs are armed with oils, powders and esoteric knowledge about the different massage points in the human body. There are also a few women massagers. The massage provided here is a nice experience for the visitants. Hogenakkal tenders long treks in the surrounding Melagiri Hills and one can search the lush, rugged, landscape.

Hogenakkal is unparalleled as it is the only natural, conventional river spa in the land. It also tenders a vibrating experience and as an added bonus, one can visit the giant terra-cotta village guardians, the Aiyanars on the way to Hogenakkal.

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